Terminal with different settings and SSH connections

The build in Terminal app in the Mac operating System provides for me two very powerful options. The first option is not exciting at all, but in combination with the second it is very  beneficial. The ability to have different settings available with different color schemes helps me to sort my desktop and workflow. You can access this settings in multiple ways, where the easiest is to right click the dock icon and choose New Window With Settings. Now select the one you need. I created a couple of different settings with specific font colors, in order sort my ssh connection. For example the ssh connection to my Raspberry Pi has another color then my settings for the local shell. The second settings i treasure is the possibility to run a command every time a new window is opened. I for example run the command

$ ssh <server> -l <user> -p <portnumber>

In order to get the command active you have to enable the little checkbox, which you can see in the following picture.

runCommand The result of all the setting stuff i told right now is shown in the following picture, where you can see multiple terminal windows, each with a ssh connection to a different server, where each server has its specific color. This helps me to find the correct window i want to type in my stuff. I can highly recommend it, aseptically if you have often multiple terminal windows open. multiWindow

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