How to get an older OS X Server App Version (Update)

Apple has updated its Macintosh operating system. It is now available in Version 10.10 and is called Yosemite. At the same time Apple has also updated the OS X Server Application to a new Version (4.x). The trouble that comes with Apples Mac Appstore is that it does not offer old versions of an app. If you need to redownload version 3.2.2 you will need a link, since it is not listed in the mac app store anymore:

The link apple itself offers in the mac developer center does not work. It is unclear why apple is pulling it so fast. It should be clear, that not every one is willing to update an operating system to the next major release. Especially if you have iOS 8.0 in mind.

Apple has published a support document, that links to the OS X Server Version. It is still required that you already have bought the Version

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