BSD on a RaspBerry Pi

The main reason i started using a Pi was to get started with the programming language Erlang. And Erlang is doing fine on the Pi running with Debian. For more informations i highly recommend to visied
A couple of days ago i had installed successfully FreeBSD on a RaspBerry Pi, following this instruction. I just wanted to compare the performance of both operating systems. In oder to compile Erlang on FreeBSD i modified the Makefile in /usr/local/lang/erlang, and added “arm” in the line “ONLY_FOR_ARCHS” and also forced the OS to use ggc4 as compiler. But how did i measured the performance of Erlang. I run a function which started other n processes. This processes did wait for a message, after they received them, they died. I used example code from Joe Armstrongs Book: Programming Erlang Software for a Concurrent World.

FreeBSD 150000 processes
Process spawn time=33.07333 (85.17333) microseconds
On Linux 150000 processes
Process spawn time=25.666666(78.16) microseconds

This post is not about BSD vs Linux. I was just evaluating for myself, which OS fits better for me. The FreeBSD version running on my Pi is under construction, but it did quit well. I will analyze the stability of this experimental FreeBSD version.


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